Senior IT Project Manager

Milan Back Development | Italy

About Us

Making Science is a leading digital marketing and technology consulting firm, that is listed in the Madrid Stock Exchange. We are currently expanding our operations internationally, and our offices are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Lisbon, París, Mexico City, Milan, Padua, New York, London and Dublin. We are a company that specializes in providing comprehensive marketing and technological solutions for digital businesses. Our team is composed of more than 1000 digital native professionals, who have a wide knowledge in the different stages and disciplines of the digital transformation: Digital Strategy, Infrastructures, Software Development, Creativity and UX/UI Design, Digital Marketing, and Big Data.

Making Science is People Centric, and we actively bet on our employees! We believe that they are the key to any successful business, and therefore, our greatest asset. We strive to provide daily learning opportunities for those who work with us and their colleagues. It is also really important that they enjoy what they do, and have positive experiences. We want our employees to feel proud of their accomplishments, and that they belong to a company that is in constant growth, because each person’s contribution is essential to achieve our success. Do you want to be part of this great family?

Some details about your department

We are a young, energetic, and fun team!
We believe that shared knowledge, teamwork, and internal training are the basis of a versatile, integrated, and powerful team.
We value a thirst for knowledge, curiosity, and self-learning capabilities, because they help us stay up to date in an industry as dynamic as digital marketing.
We are committed to the promotion of team building events, both inside and outside of the company, that will help us get to know each other better.
So, if you think you fit in, don't hesitate and apply to our offer!

In the Dev Team we develop custom web applications with PHP, Dart and Flutter. We have a lot of IoT projects and also we create cross platform apps using React Native. With Wordpress, Prestashop, Magento, Shopify and Storeden we are creating stunning websites and e-commerce.
Our server and cloud infrastructures are managed by our IT. team We are focused on performance.

What we’d like you to do:

  • Collect, document, and coordinate with the client the requirements and the acceptance and quality criteria of the product to be delivered.
  • Define, document, and coordinate with the client the scope of the project that will produce the final product.
  • Identify risks and their occurrence probability in order to define contingency actions.
  • Define and plan with the client the activities that are needed to achieve the project’s objectives.
  • Know and apply agile methodologies according to the context of the specific project.
  • Identify which resources and roles are necessary to meet the delivery objectives (people, machines, SW Licenses, etc.).
  • Assign and follow up on the project’s tasks, controlling deadlines and the dedication towards them.
  • Ensure communication, cohesion, and a correct understanding of the project’s objectives among team members.
  • Seek advice, support, or guidance from external sources (at the expense of the project) that the team may require to properly perform its tasks, if necessary.
  • Ensure the quality of each delivery until the final product is done (against the requirements and/or objectives of the sprint).
  • Coordinate the activities related to the tests: design and execution.
  • Identify, record, and manage the changes requested during the lifespan of the project to minimize the impact of the original schedule. 
  • Agree with the client the new cost and time conditions that imply the introduction of changes into the scope of the project.
  • Maintain a constant interaction with the client, as the main point of contact, avoiding as much as possible direct and/or crossed dialogue with the members of the project. 
  • Participate in the elaboration of different proposals.

What we’d like you to bring:

  • You have at least 5 years of previous experience in a similar role.
  • You have an Engineering degree, focused in Software Development.
  • You have previous experience in project management and software development roles.
  • You possess knowledge of software architectures, especially those related to cloud environments.
  • You have job-specific certifications.
  • You can communicate effectively, both orally and written.
  • You are fluent in English.

Perks of joining us

  • We give you complete stability with a permanent contract
  • We offer a competitive salary according to your worth and experience
  • Your personal Mac
  • You will have full ownership and responsibility from the first day and a real impact on the Company’s business
  • Feedback is part of our day to day lives. We recognize a job well done through a continuous feedback model
  • We care about a healthy work-life balance. You can count on having flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home.
  • You will never stop learning with us: subsidized training, free language classes, learning capsules, an e-learning platform, and many more
  • Work comfortably and follow your own style, because we don’t have a dress code
  • Be a part of a young, adventurous, and professional team, with people you’ll grow fond of!