Senior Digital Marketing Manager - Ciudad de México

Ciudad de México Advertising

About Us

  • Making Science is a leading digital marketing and technology consulting firm, that is listed in the Madrid Stock Exchange. We are currently expanding our operations internationally, and our offices are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisboa, París, Mexico City, Milan, and Dublin. We are a company that specializes in providing comprehensive marketing and technological solutions for digital businesses. Our team is composed of more than 1000 digital native professionals, who have a wide knowledge in the different stages and disciplines of the digital transformation: Digital Strategy, Infrastructures, Software Development, Creativity and UX/UI Design, Digital Marketing, and Big Data.
  • Making Science is People Centric, and we actively bet on our employees! We believe that they are the key to any successful business, and therefore, our greatest asset. We strive to provide daily learning opportunities for those who work with us and their colleagues. It is also really important that they enjoy what they do, and have positive experiences. We want our employees to feel proud of their accomplishments, and that they belong to a company that is in constant growth, because each person’s contribution is essential to achieve our success. Do you want to be part of this great family?

Some details about your department

  • Performance Department guarantees an increase in the volume of our clients' businesses through advertisements on different platforms: search engines, social media, affiliation, media, programmatic, among others (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Microsoft Advertising, Programmatic, Affiliation, Media). We always work in the different phases of our clients' Customer Journeys. Our DNA is to rely on innovation and technology to be efficient with our clients' investments, and to know how to direct messages to potential users at the right place and at the right time. Measurement is key, because it allows us to reach our clients' business data.
  • In Performance, we are not about words, we are about results. Since we are a large team, we always work to promote teamwork and learning from each other. We welcome challenges with a smile on our faces, and we believe that our positive energy promotes good results for our clients.We are a winning team, and we have a great time working as a team. We always challenge ourselves, to foster professional and personal growth.

What we’d like you to do:

  • Carry out ongoing analysis, coordination, optimization and dissemination of client results

  • Be a leader in all ongoing efforts and hold meetings with clients and publishers

  • Expand long-term secure cooperation and strong relationships with clients and publisher

  • Contact potential clients and publishers in order to establish new cooperation

  • Knowledge of the different Media, Kpis,etc..

  • Establishing a direct relationship with the client's marketing team, both with the global media team and the marketing team of the products of their responsibility.

  • Developing an overall strategy as well as media rationales.

  • Setting an optimal application of strategic lines.

  • Coordinating with the Planning Unit for the development and purchase of media campaigns.

  • Estimating needs and characteristics required for the defined objectives.

  • Monitoring and evaluating the objectives.

  • Suggesting proposals for improvement.

  • Managing all market sources.

  • Contacting the media.

What we’d like you to bring:

  • Bachelor’s Degree related with Advertising or Marketing.

  • At least 10 years of experience as a digital account executive.

  • Experience with international clients 

  • Experience working with a large media company , publishers...

  • Used to managing teams of al least 10 -15 people, 

  • Good communication skills, dynamic, flexible and proactive.

  • Strong strategist skills.

  • Open to new ideas and change.

  • Fluent in Spanish and English is a must. Other language will be a plus

  • Proactive, self motivated, target oriented (demonstrable achievements).

  • Positive attitude, team player.

Perks of joining us

  • We give you complete stability with an indefinite job contract.
  • Feedback is part of our day to day lives. We recognize a job well done through a continuous feedback model. 
  • You will never stop learning with us: subsidized training, free language classes, learning capsules, an e-learning platform, and many more.
  • Work comfortably and follow your own style, because we don’t have a dress code. 
  • Be a part of a young, adventurous, and professional team, with people you’ll grow fond of!